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Are you having a repeat dream? When this is happening, one of two issues are going on within you:

 1. You are conciously getting the understanding of the dream message, but not making the suggested changes.
 2. You are not conciously getting the dream message. Therefore your dream-self will continue to give you the same dream over and over again.


A dream symbol may signify something specific for you, but it can have a different meaning for another person. For example, apples in a dream may have a positive meaning for you, but a negative meaning for another. But generally this is a very good dream to the majority of people. Ripe apples on a tree, denotes that you can go fearlessly ahead with your life. Ripe apples on the top of a tree, warns you not to aim too high. Decayed apples typify hopeless efforts.
You will gradually learn to recognize what your dream symbols mean.

The following are some basic dream symbols which may help you understanding your dreams:


Water: To dream of clear water, foretells that you will joyfully realize prosperity and pleasure.
Bread: Seeing bread is a favourable dream, especially if you can eat the bread and it tastes good.
Wine: To dream of drinking wine, forebodes joy and consequent friendships.


The Sun: To dream of seeing a shining sunrise, foretells joyous events and prosperity, which give delightful promises. If the sun appears in an eclipse, there will be stormy and dangerous times.
The Moon: To dream of seeing the moon in a clear sky foretells success in love and business affairs.
Stars: To dream of looking upon clear, shining stars, foretells good health and prosperity. A shooting star denotes sadness and grief.


Road: Travelling over a rough, unknown road in a dream, signifies new undertakings. If you are trying to find your path but don't find it, foretells that you will fail to accomplish some work that you have striven to push to desired ends.
Stairs: To dream of passing up a stairs, foretells good fortune and much happiness.
Sailing: To dream of sailing on calm waters, foretells easy access to blissful joys, and immunity from poverty and whatever brings misery.


Weaving: To dream that you are weaving, denotes that you will do your utmost to build your life to gain prosperity in the future.
To see others weaving: Shows that you will be surrounded by healthy and energetic conditions.

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