YrsaBjorg is an Icelandic tarot reader who lives in Reykajvik. She has made readings and interpretated dreams for both young people and adults:

Dear friends, welcome to this Icelandic website and I hope you will find some things of interest here. Some of you may have met me elsewhere on the Internet because I have been giving traot readings and interpreting dreams for people worldwide on the web.

Please feel free to use the message board for any topic of interest. I have encouraged my Icelandic friends to talk about things related to mysticism and/or about the recent earthquaques in Iceland, which started on 17 June 2000, the Icelandic National Holiday. Do you have any stories about quakes? Or stories about whatever is shaking the society?

I look forward hearing from all of you. I send my best wishes to the webmasters at North & South Web Design: thank you for your excellent co-operation.


- YrsaBjorg

P.S. You can find information about the first Icelandic tarot cards under the section "Find your Deck": The Viking Cards. YB

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