Tarot.is provides Tarot readings and dream interpretations by 900-line service for people located in Iceland. When you call 908-6414, the local phone company, Landsiminn, will answer you automatically in the beginning (free of charge) and then you will get directly into touch with the tarot-reader. Be sure to visit the tarot.is website occasionally because the opening-hours may change from time to time.


For those who are not familiar with the mystical Tarot: it is quite common that people ask for a Tarot reading to get insight into the near future and/or if they have a burning question at hand.

A Tarot reading should not make decisions for you because that would rob you of your own personal power. A reading can, however, give you insights into yourself and the world around you to help you make decisions that will enable you to create a better future for yourself.

There are many kinds of Tarot decks and each reader uses a deck which suits him/her best. In a similar way, many people prefer to consult the same Tarot reader again and again, when they have found the reader they like best.

When you have been connected to 908-6414, the tarot reader wants to make a connection with you. The reader at tarot.is is YrsaBjorg. She may ask you about your favourite landscape or painting. Have this in mind when you make the call. You don't have to give your name. You can ask YrsaBjorg to provide you with a general reading or a specific reading if you have a question.

"Faith and doubt are both needed to take us around the unknown curve." Lillian Smith

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